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Poem Poem Poem!! 💚

Hi there poetry lovers!! I want you guys to head over to the link provided below and read my latest poem “Elegy to the Green” published by LiveWire Media.

Any Plant & Poetry lovers here? If so, I am sure you’d resonate well with the emotions…

So make your way folks, and do leave your thoughts in the comments!! 💚

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Wide, obtuse, narrow, sharp

It’s what I make with the heels of my feet

Or the wrists of my hands glued

And then the fingers seperate and bloom out

That’s how we portray a lotus, humanly

Or the tips of my thumbs pressed together

And the forefinger passes through

To form an ‘A’ , wishfully

Or the stretch I make, a triangle

With all the limbs, split, flexed

It’s a yogic pose, feet firm on earth

Bound to make one firm, gripped

Angled poses, Angled gestures

All incessant attempts to escape

The thorny corners

The claustrophobic spaces,

The depths of the widening mouths

Of every angle

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The Pen of Hope

Little whiffs of smokey hope
Escape throughout
The years I bawled, the years
I tip-toed, The years I scribbled on walls
The years I drew on lined paper
The years I carried secret diaries
The years I fooled myself
And the ones that followed
Lying upon the cold rock bottom
Of a muddy chasm
They call depression
My fingers try to draw on stones
Some force’s sympathy results
In a pen of silver body being dropped
As delicate as it seemed at first
This tool helps me carve on rock
Until I’ve buit them stepping stones
I make my way out of the pit
I look back
There were never any stones
Nor did my pen carve on rocks
All there was, to help me out
Was an invisible ink that pen spilled
A silvery ink, of smokey hopes

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To look at a glimmering

Torn, piece of cloud

Lonely in the lovely blue sky

To watch it drift, drift and drift

Fall, tear and fade away

Taking aeons to merge with those left and right

To swallow the pride

That nothing ever lasts the

Way they would want

That a lone ranger is never forever

That even a lion or gold

Or a lion made of gold

Will be trodden on by reckless boots of time

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What could be more painfully beautiful
Than learning to savor the scent
Of these waves of truths
Bending, crawling
lunging all the way to me

These stinging truths that poke
Their way in through the shields of
My fragile soul and send it
Shriveling and trembling for moments unknown

Now I know one thing

To thank this mighty ocean out there
That prodigious ocean of truths
Your waves have been medicinal all along
They’ve punctured out my fluid of fears

I love you truths now
I love their scent
I love their sting

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The way things are

“True passion is yet unpeeled”

My map of worries boxed and framed
The compliments are a podium
As I stand doubtful on them

The joker becomes the joke when
No seat is taken

‘Fearless’ stays a metaphor
Yet to be morphed into a hammer
I can grab by it’s heavy handle
Shatter the glass box
Levitate off the podium
All curtains drawn away
And Speak my mind
As the mind speaks beautiful truths